Unbilled Revenue

Estimating unbilled revenue can be a multi-day, manual, and data intensive process for many utilities.


Traditionally, unbilled revenue has been estimated using empirical financial models and manual processes. These outdated approaches are highly inaccurate and cumbersome. Inaccurate unbilled revenue estimates lead to significant financial planning and reporting challenges for utilities.  


 Leveraging interval data, BOS Cloud’s Revenue Tracking and Analysis Tool can be used to calculate unbilled revenue daily or monthly, from the bottom up, on a customer-by-customer basis. This interval-based unbilled revenue reporting is substantially more accurate and efficient as it is set up as an automated process. 


  • Billed and unbilled revenue tracking to support better financial reporting
  • Bottoms-up calculation of unbilled revenue using interval data to eliminate the need for estimations
  • Accurate attribution to various cost centers and accounts
  • Daily updates of Revenue-to-Date through analytics and dashboards
  • Conversion of revenue between billing cycle and calendar month

Why GridX

BOS Cloud is uniquely suitable for calculating unbilled revenue from the bottom up, delivering the accuracy utilities require for their financial reporting.

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