Complex Billing

With continued growth in Smart Grid and Smart Meter deployments, utilities are releasing more new products and programs, but traditional Utility Customer Information Systems lack support for these complex rates.


As they undertake energy efficiency initiatives and comply with Renewable Portfolio Standards, utilities are increasingly rolling out innovative rates to incentivize customer behavior change. Sophisticated programs such as Community Solar and On-Bill Financing, and some low-income programs, involve multi-party transactions. And rates for the commercial and industrial customers have traditionally been complex. The traditional CIS is inadequate in supporting these complex rates (e.g., TOU rates, C&I rates, etc.), and is certainly not designed to enable settlement across multiple transaction parties. Utilities often have to augment the CIS with a set of manual or semi-automatic billing processes, which are inefficient and error prone.


The GridX Enterprise Rate Platform can be used as an add-on billing system to implement complex rates and multi-party transaction models. GridX automates the complex billing and multi-party settlement processes.


  • Increased capabilities to support all complex rates and business models
  • Increased accuracy and timeliness of complex billing and retail settlement
  • Quick Time-to-Market for new rates, products and services
  • Cost Effective upgrades of legacy CIS’
  • Extending the useful life of legacy CIS’
  • Consolidation of mass market and C&I billing processes
  • Fast Time-to-Production by leveraging cloud delivery models

Why GridX

GridX supports rates and contracts of any complexity out-of-the-box, and can be implemented quickly, at a fraction of the cost to manual or semi-automatic processes. Delivered from the cloud and integrated with the traditional CIS, GridX’s complex billing and settlement capabilities are the ideal solution for digital utilities.

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