Consolidated Billing for Community Solar

New business models require complex multi-party settlement. Traditional Customer Information Systems were not designed to support these new challenges.


Driven by business model innovation, Community Solar is undergoing fast growth. However, the customer experience remains challenging. Customers have to make two separate payments per month, one to the utility and the other to the solar developer, often with different due dates. Utility consolidated billing streamlines the transactions between customers, solar developers and utilities, and provides easier access to the clean energy for Low-and Moderate-Income customers.

The traditional CIS is not designed to enable consolidated billing, specifically the settlement for multi-party arrangements between customers, solar developers and utilities. A utility must make substantial customizations to their traditional CIS and/or augment it with a manual billing process to enable consolidated billing for Community Solar.


GridX can be used as an add-on complex billing and settlement system to implement consolidated billing for Community Solar. With our cloud-based billing and settlement add-on, the credit derived from the Community Solar subscription can be settled against the subscription fee, payable to the solar developer on a monthly basis. The net credit is consolidated into the customer’s bill, and the customer only needs to make one payment to his/her utility per month. The solar developer receives the consolidated subscription fee payment from the utility. The settlement of the solar credit against the subscription fee also better enables Low-and-Moderate-Income customers to access the clean energy.


  • Turnkey consolidated billing solution to support Community Solar
  • Enables a variety of methods to determine the credit from solar or wind systems
  • Out-of-the-box support for subscription billing
  • Streamlines integration with solar developers through a partner portal and/or EDI gateway
  • Quick deployment and Time-to-Production with cloud-based add-on to traditional CIS’
  • Cost Effective upgrades to traditional CIS’

Why GridX

The GridX Enterprise Rate Platform’s native multi-party settlement capabilities enable utilities to implement complex programs out-of-the-box quickly, without expensive customization to the traditional CIS.

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