GridX for Utilities

The GridX Enterprise Rate Platform is a turnkey suite of cloud-based applications enabling utilities to operate the utility Rate Life Cycle. It helps utilities to develop better rates, more effectively engage customers to adopt these rates, quickly operationalize them in a billing system, provide customers with energy advice they value and trust, evaluate their performance and, finally, bill customers.    

Complex Rate Programs Reimagined

Renewable Portfolio Standards and clean energy mandates are transforming utility businesses. To implement these policies, a new class of more sophisticated rates must be introduced to incentivize customer behavior change.

Utilities need to not only develop effective rates, but also operationalize them quickly, engage customers to adopt them, and provide people with the right advice to drive behavior change. To optimize the rates, they need to be able to measure performance and incorporate the results into the next round of the rate designs. The GridX Enterprise Rate Platform enables utilities to experiment quickly and iterate frequently, for optimal rate development.

A Turnkey Suite of Cloud-based Applications
Enabling Utilities to Operate the Utility Rate Life Cycle.

Develop and Operationalize New and Innovative Products and Services Quickly

Leveraging interval data and its powerful pricing capabilities, the GridX Enterprise Rate Platform enables utilities to develop new products and services with innovative rates and pricing models. By using all customer consumption data, eliminating the need for the sampling, we revolutionize the traditional rate design process.

GridX provides a turnkey suite of applications to streamline the business processes for the utility Rate Life Cycle. Utilities can effectively market new products and services to customers, bill for them quickly, and evaluate and optimize their performance, all through an integrated Rate Life Cycle.

Transform Customer Relationships and Deliver the Digital Experience

By monitoring all customer energy consumption, a set of personalized usage, rate and cost analyses, and a suite of proactive alerts and notifications at the right time with the right information, the GridX Enterprise Rate Platform transforms utilities’ relationships with their customers – from a traditional transactional relationship to one of a trusted energy advisor.

Deliver the Digital Experience for Customers 

Through a suite of Salesforce native Apps, GridX leverages and upgrades Salesforce best-in-class capabilities to deliver the true digital experience that utility customers expect.  

Fully Leverage the Power of AMI Networks

GridX uses fine granularity interval data directly from AMI networks to design new rates,
support the billing operation and enable customer engagement. 

Respond Quickly to New Business Opportunities and Needs

Through our loosely coupled, modular, architecture GridX enables utilities to pursue new business opportunities, respond to competition and meet new business needs and requirements quickly. New capabilities can be quickly added and integrated into the end-to-end solution and outdated capabilities can be upgraded or replaced without affecting the rest of the capabilities.    

Substantially Improve Operational Efficiency 

Through the centralized management of rate portfolios and best-in-class capabilities, GridX provides an open platform for organizations to collaborate with each other to deliver the operational efficiency.