GridX for Retail Energy Providers

GridX provides big data billing and analytics solutions to help REPs transform their business.

Pricing Management

Optimize pricing strategy for customer acquisition/retention and profitability goals using big data analytics to run revenue, margin and attrition analysis for every customer on every eligible rate plan.

Margin and Risk Management

Identify your most profitable customers by running margin analysis on your entire customer population and learn who may also be most vulnerable to competitive forces due to ‘high bill’ and ‘wrong rate’ challenges.

Customer Management Tools

Enable CSRs and Key Account Managers to instantly identify ‘high bill’ root cause, answer ‘best rate’ questions, and address bill impact inquiries on what-if scenarios, such as installing solar or buying an EV.

Complex Billing Support

Eliminate manual billing errors and reduce labor cost with automated billing for the most complex rates and billing scenarios.

Channel Partner Portal

White labeled customer management portal with commission payout and customer status reporting functionalities.

Settlement & Shadow Billing

Support for multi-party, complex business models with TDSPs, renewable energy suppliers, virtual power plants and third-party product/service providers. Monitor and capture potential erroneous charges for trading within ISO/RTO jurisdictions.

Superior Business Intelligence

Consumers have more choices than ever for their electric provider. As a result, Retail Energy Providers (REPs) are forced to juggle between pricing competitively and improving profitability. To maximize profitability and customer retention, REPs must have cutting edge, revenue-grade billing and analytical tools that provide superior business intelligence.

Increase Competitiveness and Reduce Cost

GridX for REPs is a robust and flexible suite of services that enable REPs to better attract and retain customers, track and reduce actual cost-to-serve, and increase competitiveness in the market.

Benefits of GridX for Retail Energy Providers

  • Modular Componentized ArchitectureAddress the most pressing pain points first
  • Cloud Based SolutionRequires low IT support and can be up and running in about six months
  • Best in Class Rate ManagementModel and launch new rates and promotions quickly
  • Revenue Grade AccuracyBacked by an SLA to provide accurate analysis and recommendations
  • Whole Population Business Intelligence – Revenue, margin and attrition analytics
  • Empower Channel Partners With tools needed to acquire and manage customers efficiently

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