Rate Marketing

The GridX Rate Marketing Tool enables utilities to more effectively and efficiently market new rates, maximizing customer adoption.

Key Account Management

The GridX Key Account Management Tool empowers users to become Trusted Advisors through powerful real-time insights.

CSR Bill Analysis


The GridX CSR Bill Analysis Tool enables CSRs to perform ad hoc rate analyses in real time to more effectively answer questions about rates, pricing, bills and costs. 

Community Solar

The GridX BOS Cloud supports multi-party settlement which can be used to enable complex business models, such as Community Solar.

GridX for CCA

GridX for CCA solution is customized and optimized version of BOS Cloud specifically designed to support CCA operations.


GridX BOS Cloud

CIS Reimagined for Digital Utilities Looking to Transform Customer Experiences

Key Account Management

Rate and Cost Analyses for Key Account Managers a CS Week Webinar Presentation

GridX / SCE PLMA Presentation

Optimizing Time-of-Use Participation while Maximizing Customer Satisfaction


GridX Introduction Video

Short Company Overview video.

GridX TMG Video

CIS Reimagined for Digital Utilities Looking to Transform Customer Experiences


Awkward Questions

As the California Energy Market reshuffles with the rapid growth of CCAs, potential conflicts of interest may arise with third parties.

SCE Case Study by SECC

Engaging Consumers in Time-of-Use Rates. Learn how GridX supported SCE’s Time-of-Use transition.

Rate Engineering

Rate Engineering, driven by Whole Population Rate Analysis, is the future of Rate Reform.

The “Church Problem” in Rate Design

A real-world example of an embarrassing error resulting from the sampling approach employed in traditional utility rate designs.