Wholesale Settlement

The GridX Wholesale Settlement System enables utilities, CCA’s and Retail Energy Suppliers to reconcile and optimize their wholesale energy costs with shadow settlement and cost simulations.  

Key Features

  • Support any Complex Charge Codes by leveraging proprietary rule engine technology
  • Fast Revision Cycle to shadow ISO/RTO’s Charge Code revision process
  • High Performance to support the large transaction volume from participation in the Energy Imbalance Market
  • Cost Analytics and Simulation to identify cost saving opportunities and optimize the wholesale energy procurement costs
  • Profit and Loss (P/L) dashboards to optimize wholesale energy procurement strategies

Streamline Clearing and Settlement

Streamline clearing and settlement with renewable energy suppliers, independent power producers, ISOs/RTOs, and energy storage providers based on the PPAs, wholesale tariffs and wholesale market settlement rules. 

Implement New Programs

GridX Settlement can be used to implement new programs, such as Demand Response, which involve clearing and settlement with retail customers based on Demand Response contracts, Curtailment Service Providers and Demand Response wholesale markets.

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