Revenue Tracking & Analysis Tool

The GridX Revenue Tracking and Analysis Tool enables utilities to track billed and unbilled revenue, monitor revenue shifts with new rate implementations, and quantify the performance metrics of new rates.

Key Features

  • Billed and Unbilled Revenue tracking to support better financial reporting
  • Bottom-up Calculation of unbilled revenue using all customers’ interval data
  • Accurate Attribution to various cost centers and accounts
  • Daily Updates of Revenue-to-Date through analytics and dashboards
  • Conversion of Revenue between billing cycle and calendar month

The Most Accurate Unbilled Revenue Accounting and Reporting

By applying production rate models to customers’ interval data, a utility can accurately account for unbilled revenue on a customer-by-customer basis. This can be aggregated into the most accurate unbilled revenue process for the utility.    

Performance Metrics for New Rates

The performance of a rate in driving customers’ behavior changes can be used as the valuable inputs for the next round of rate designs. Such performance metrics enable utilities to complete the Rate Life Cycle process, and develop optimal rate designs. 

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