Rate Design Tool

The GridX Rate Design Tool enables utilities to develop, evaluate and optimize rate designs by using whole customer population energy consumption data without the need for sampling.

Key Features

  • GUI-based Tariff Management System to implement new rate design quickly
  • Use of Interval Data to afford rate designers complete freedom
  • Whole Population Bill and Revenue Impact Analyses eliminating sampling
  • Massive Computation Power to optimize the rate designer
  • Big Data Tools to visualize analysis results
  • Real Time and On-Demand batch analyses to improve efficiency

Enormous Computation Power and Scalability

With enormous computation power and scalability, the GridX Rate Design Tool supports whole population bill & revenue impact analyses, without the need for sampling. GridX supports on-demand large batch analyses to speed up the rate design and evaluation process. The speed of performing the analyses is critically important particularly during settlement discussions with intervenors. 

Manage the Complete Rate Lifecycle

The GridX Rate Design Tool, a component of our enterprise platform, allows utilities to manage the complete Rate Lifecycle from rate development, to rate marketing and customer engagement, and post-sales customer services.

GridX REAT uses raw interval data to perform bill and revenue impact analyses without the need for pre-aggregation into billing determinants. With the use of interval data as a direct input, utilities have the freedom to design and test any rate structures, including real time rates and any TOU definitions    

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