Key Account Management Tool

Customer Service

The GridX Key Account Management Tool and CSR Bill Analysis Tool empower users to become Trusted Advisors through powerful real-time insights.

Key Features

  • Web-based Tool puts key information at the user’s fingertips instantly
  • Instant Export of Rate Analysis to Excel or pdf files
  • Rate and Cost analysis based on actual or hypothetical usage
  • Complete Energy-use scenarios, including what-if rate enrollment, program participation and loads
  • Built-in Intelligence to manage rate and program eligibility and compatibility rules
  • Out-of-the-Box Support for rate and bill analysis including modified loads due to solar, EV, and load shifting
  • Salesforce Application available

Scenario-based Analyses

The GridX Key Account Management Tool provides dashboard-like business intelligence so managers can instantly find the “best” rate for all of their accounts. Key Account Managers can also perform a variety of personalized and scenario-based usage, rate, bill and cost analyses for a large customer across the customer’s organizational hierarchy.

A Complete Solution

The combination of batch rate analyses and real-time, “what-if” scenario-based rate analyses provides a complete solution for Key Account Managers. Our powerful tool provides immediate answers for customers’ bill and cost questions and produces professional reports quickly.

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The GridX Key Account Management Tool empowers users to become Trusted Advisors through powerful real-time insights.

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