GridX Billing System

The cloud-based GridX Billing System enables utilities to upgrade or supplement their legacy CIS to support complex rates and new business models.

Key Features

  • Interval Billing to support any complex rates including TOU and real time pricing
  • Retail Multi-Party Settlement to support complex billing models and arrangements
  • Fast Rate Configuration (within weeks) to roll out new rates and programs quickly   
  • Big Data Billing Engine to speed up nightly billing runs
  • Streamlined billing operations by avoiding pre-aggregation of interval into billing determinants
  • Fast Implementation Cycle to upgrade or revamp meter-to-cash process quickly
  • Reduced Operation Cost without the need to maintain on-premises software

Billing for Complex Rates

To better serve customers and meet clean energy policy mandates, utilities need to roll out complex rates and billing arrangements. These rates are often too complex to be implemented in a legacy CIS. With native support for interval billing, the GridX Billing System is an ideal solution for implementing these complex rates and billing arrangements.

Add-on Billing Engine

The GridX Billing System can be used as an add-on engine to substantially reduce upfront investment, implementation time and risk involved in upgrading a legacy CIS. The GridX Billing System enables utilities to automate the manual billing processes, extend the useful life of a legacy CIS, and reduce operational costs.

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GridX Complex Billing

GridX’s Complex Billing Solution can be integrated with your existing CIS to automate billing for rates and billing scenarios of ANY complexity.