Rate Design Tool

The GridX Rate Design Tool enables utilities to develop, evaluate and optimize rate designs by using whole customer population energy consumption data without the need for sampling.

GridX Billing System

The cloud-based GridX Billing System enables utilities to upgrade or supplement their legacy CIS to support complex rates and new business models.

Wholesale Settlement

The GridX Wholesale Settlement System enables utilities, CCA’s and Retail Energy Suppliers to reconcile and optimize their wholesale energy costs with shadow settlement and cost simulations. 

Customer Engagement Web Services

GridX Customer Engagement Web Services enable our clients to engage customers across all communication channels with a consistent set of compelling & personalized usage, cost and rate analyses.

Rate Marketing Tool

The GridX Rate Marketing Tool enables utilities to more effectively and efficiently market new rates, maximizing customer adoption.

Key Account Management Tool

The GridX Key Account Management Tool empowers users to become Trusted Advisors through powerful real-time insights.

CSR Bill Analysis Tool

The GridX CSR Bill Analysis Tool enables CSRs to perform ad hoc rate analyses in real time to more effectively answer questions about rates, pricing, bills and costs. 

Revenue Tracking and Analysis Tool

The GridX Revenue Tracking and Analysis Tool enables utilities to track billed and unbilled revenue, monitor revenue shifts with new rate implementations, and quantify the performance metrics of new rates.