Utility Tariff Analyst

Job Overview

As Utility Tariff Analyst, you will be responsible for analyzing utility tariffs and modeling, configuring and testing tariff models using GridX’s applications. Since these tariffs will be used in a financial system, the Utility Tariff Analyst has to be detail-oriented and collaborative. New college graduates are welcome to apply.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Read and understand utility tariffs and contracts
  • Analyze the structure and components of utility tariffs
  • Configure and implement tariff models using GridX proprietary tool and processes
  • Test the tariffs accuracy
  • Document the tariff models

Required Skills and Qualifications

  • Analytical skills 
  • Passionate about working with data
  • Microsoft Excel
  • sql
  • Communication skills

About GridX

GridX is the catalyst of our clean energy future. Utilities and energy technology providers rely on our analytics solutions to tell people exactly what they can expect to pay when making clean energy decisions, like changing to a time-of-use rate plan, buying an electric vehicle, installing solar and more. The result is less strain on the electric grid, happier customers and increased consumer investment in sustainable technologies. Working at GridX puts you at the center of realizing our clean energy future.


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