The Team

GridX is led by industry veterans who have developed billing systems, CRM and other software to transform other industries. We are dedicated to driving a similar transformation in the utility industry.


Chris Black, CEO

Chris Black


Scott Engstrom, CCO

Scott Engstrom


Ping Qiu, CTO

Ping Qiu


John Lin, SVP of Global Sales

John Lin

SVP of Global Sales

Grace Liu, VP of Technology

Grace Liu

VP of Technology

Corrie Johnson, VP of Finance

Corrie Johnson

VP of Finance

Art Mostofi, VP of Product, Operations

Art Mostofi

VP of Product, Operations

Bryson Allen, VP of Retail Energy Services and Market Development

Bryson Allen

VP of Retail Energy Services and Market Development

Brad Langley, VP of Marketing

Brad Langley

VP of Marketing

Galen Leith, VP of Design

Galen Leith

VP of Design