The enterprise rate platform catalyzing our clean energy future

Company Overview

GridX provides the leading Enterprise Rate Platform that influences customer behavior with highly accurate cost data. 

The exponential growth in distributed energy resources, like solar and electric vehicles has created real complexity, which is most often felt by energy consumers. By translating the impact of these technologies into dollars and cents, we show people exactly what they can expect to pay. 

Our billing grade analytics delivers the detailed costs of changing to a new Time-of-Use (TOU) rate plan, buying an electric vehicle, installing solar…you name it. Utilities and energy tech providers that work with us have seen less strain on the grid, happier customers and more adoption of the products and services we need to decarbonize the grid.

Delivering on our clean energy future is complex. GridX exists to simplify the journey.

We enable our customers to:

  • Develop better rates and services to achieve their financial and policy goals 
  • More effectively target and market new rates to customers 
  • More quickly operationalize new rates 
  • Provide energy advice customers value and trust
  • More efficiently bill customers

The premier choice for utilities

GridX is the Enterprise Rate Platform of choice for utilities undergoing rate reforms and transitions. Our customers include some of the largest and most innovative utilities for whom our solutions revolutionize their rate design, implementation and measurement needs, as well as complex billing requirements. We improve customer engagement and services, and ultimately boost the performance of the customer operations function.

Unparalleled Scale


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