Business Operation Support for Digital Utilities

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Upgrade Your Meter-to-Cash Process

BOS Cloud leverages interval data upgrading utilities’ capabilities to support any complex rates and billing models, including TOU rates and real-time pricing.

Through a componentized architecture, you can plug in new components and unplug outdated components quickly to pursue new business opportunities, comply with regulatory requirements and respond to competitive threats.

BOS Cloud reduces the rate implementation and substantially speeds up Time-to-Market for new rates, products and services. It also reduces the Total Cost of Ownership by migrating the Meter-to-Cash process to the cloud.

Transform your Customer Relationships

Augmenting the Meter-to-Cash process with industry leading rate, bill, and cost analytics, BOS Cloud transforms your relationship with customers.

BOS Cloud puts rate, cost and savings analyses at your CSR and Key Account Managers’ fingertips to integrate into daily customer interactions.

Utilities become Trusted Energy Advisors offering personalized, valuable, and actionable energy and cost savings advice in real-time, across all communication channels.

Innovate Products, Services and Business Models

Smart Meter data enables new rates, programs and business models. Your back-office and analytics systems should work in synchronicity to maximize the effectiveness of that data, not in silos.

With an enterprise rate portfolio, BOS Cloud enables all of your teams to work from a single source of truth, to innovate products, services and business models.

By streamlining and integrating business processes across the Rate Life Cycle, new products and services can be implemented rapidly, regardless of complexity. BOS Cloud will turn your organization into an innovation machine.